UAE schools: when does the new academic term start?

Pupils and teachers arrive back at the Greenfield International School in DIP at the start of a new term after the winter break. Antonie Robertson / The National

Private and public pupils in the Emirates will return to school on Monday, August 29 for the start of the 2022/23 academic year.

The two-month long summer holidays will be over in a few weeks and pupils will return to in-person classes at the end of the month.

Pupils at Gems Education schools will have a staggered return to school, starting on August 29.

Schools are allowed some flexibility in their calendar, as long as they complete a certain number of days in the year.

Pupils will attend school for 188 days in the coming academic year.

Authorities announced in 2020 the academic calendar for following three years at all public and private schools in the UAE to allow families to plan their holidays in advance.

Bus fees are expected to go up at some schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates in the new academic year because of rising fuel costs.

All pupils in UAE public schools will have new uniforms for the beginning of the academic year at the end of the month. Emirates Schools Establishment, the public schools regulator, has introduced standard clothing, which will be available from August 15.