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The “Narrow Gate” is not for you

By/ Dr. Sam Nan

The “Narrow Gate” is an easy to understand as a phrase.

The narrow gate is harder to pass through, and only a few people can go through. In saying “difficult is the way which leads to life.

The “Narrow Gate” can be used metaphorically to mean “trouble, afflict, distress.” Which you go throw in this life.
If man faces Troubles with his wife or woman with her husband, Troubles in the work, troubles with neighbours, Financial troubles or burring life.

Some say that all believers should go through troubles to be deserved to go to heaven.
You need to know something very important my friends..
I will not tell you, but you will discover it.
Where was written “Go through the narrow gate”?
It was written in the book of Matthew Only, but was not written in the other three gospels.
because it was written to specific people in specific period of time.
It was written just to jews, in the Great tribulation period.
but you were not created to face the narrow gate in your life. and you have the right not to go through or to get red of it.
and if you went through, it means that it’s your mistake, but not God’s will.
But you still have hope to change or correct your way to get out of the tribulation.

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