Severe weather on the way for the east coast, and strong winds for the southwest

Beachside homes along the NSW Central Coast could be at further risk of erosion as extreme weather hits Australia’s east coast this weekend.
The Bureau of Meteorology’s Diane Eadie said heavy rainfall is expected along the coast of southeast Queensland on the weekend, however this will move south into NSW by next week.
“The worst to be affected is likely to be southern parts of Queensland and northern NSW on Saturday,” Ms Eadie told Today.
“Then the whole system will progress further to the east on Sunday.”
She said the bureau is carefully watching a low-pressure system that is moving off the coast of northeast NSW, which could potentially bring much heavier rainfall and further erosion to beachside communities with it.
“It’s something we are all watching really carefully and that low does unfortunately have potential to bring some gusty winds and big waves in the early parts of next week,” Ms Eadie said.
She said the NSW Central Coast could see further erosion along beachside suburbs like Wamberal.
“There’s definitely that risk. Again, it depends exactly where that goes – any sort of low-pressure system developing that closer to the NSW coast has that potential,” she said.
“Definitely a risk we could see the big waves impacting those very same communities as we head into Monday and Tuesday.”
Queensland’s east has already been soaked by heavy rain over the past few days – with some areas getting more than a month’s worth in just 24 hours.
Troughs and moist winds are generating cloud & rain over eastern Queensland and northeast NSW.
A front is bringing strong winds, a colder change & showers to southwest WA.
A high is only slowly clearing cloud elsewhere, keeping the interior and southeast dry.
Here’s the weather across Australia on Friday, July 24, 2020.
Showers, cool-to-cold in the northeast. Fog then sunny, cool-to-cold in the southeast. Fog then sunny, cold in the southwest. Sunny, cool-to-cold in the northwest.
Canberra will see increasing sunshine, climbing from zero to a top of 14.
Sydney will be mostly sunny, with a low of 8 and top of 18.