Saudi Arabia employs women in all public sectors, helping in their empowerment

Abu Dhabi: Saudi women are not new to working in the public security areas. Rather, they began their activities in the various security military departments over 20 years ago, under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior.

However, women’s work in various military sectors witnessed a remarkable development with the launch of the vision of the kingdom, which was keen on empowering women and raising their participation in the workforce to 30% by 2030.

Ministry of Defense

The most important step in this regard is the Ministry of Defense’s announcement to open the doors of acceptance and recruitment for women who wish to enter the military corps for jobs at the rank of “first soldier, corporal, sergeant agent, sergeant.”

Saudi women have worked for years in the Ministry of Defense in non-combat sectors, such as medical, cultural and social specialties, but the new jobs offered are directly related to the military sector, and the women who pass the entrance exams will be given military ranks.

General Security

The importance of Saudi women’s working in the military sectors led to their involvement in recent years with military ranks in the public security services, including drug control, prison departments, criminal investigation departments, customs, security guards in many markets and government and private hospitals, to work in the service of women, reducing crimes committed by women, in addition to the operating rooms.