Report: Israel suggests Lebanon buy ‘its share’ in Qana field

Israel has responded to Lebanon’s latest proposal regarding sea border demarcation and its answer included a suggestion that Lebanon “buy Israel’s small share” in the Qana offshore field, informed sources said.

“Israel has welcomed the unified Lebanese stance, which does not mention Line 29 as a negotiations line, and it considered that this answer ends the disputed status of the Karish field file,” the sources told al-Akhbar newspaper in remarks published Friday.

“Israel has not accepted Lebanon’s demand to get the entire Qana field, noting that negotiating over Line 23 means that Israel has a right and a share in the field, while acknowledging that Lebanon’s share in the field is bigger,” the sources added.

In the regard, al-Akhbar reported that “the Americans, in consultation with the Israelis and European capitals,” are saying that “as long as the Lebanese share is the bigger one, Lebanon should buy Israel’s share through a global firm that would assume the mission of (gas) extraction and perhaps selling.”

Israel has also said that the indirect negotiations should continue through the U.S. mediator and not in Naqoura and that “the negotiations should now focus on how to address the common section of the Qana field.”

Moreover, Israel has called on the international community to “deter” Lebanon and prevent it from “endorsing Hezbollah’s threats,” the sources added.