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Proposed changes to Compulsory Third Party Insurance will result in many with serious motor vehicle injuries falling through the cracks

Proposed changes by the NSW Government to the Compulsory Third Party CTP insurance system will see many with serious motor vehicle accident injuries permanently barred from pursuing a damages claim and left relying on a drip feed of capped weekly benefits for a maximum period of 5 years.

The Government’s changes have prompted a warning that many with lifelong injuries requiring medical treatment will fall through the cracks with a maximum five-year limit for payment of expenses imposed from 2017.

The changes that are likely to be introduced towards the end of 2016, will seriously affect anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW according to Hanaan Indari, Partner at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers.

“The plans by the NSW Government to reform the Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme in the state will have very significant implications for those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

“The changes are suggested to reduce the cost of CTP insurance for motorists in NSW however the long-term cost to those injured in accidents and government may far exceed the short term savings.

“So much so that people who suffer serious injury with potentially lifelong effects, face the prospect of reduced payments, no entitlement to damages and the loss of medical expenses and weekly benefits after 5 years.

“This would occur even in those circumstances where their injury prevented them from ever working again.

“Under the changes it is also proposed that even the most severely injured will have their entitlements significantly reduced.

“Those classified as having minor or moderate injuries will face an unsatisfactory system of very limited benefits and limited legal representation as presently exists in the NSW workers compensation system”.

“Our advice to anyone who has already been injured in a motor vehicle accident is to seek legal advice sooner rather than later to ensure that their rights are protected and that they secure adequate compensation.

“This is a specialised area of the law and one that the inexperienced can find difficult to navigate, particularly in terms of defending a claims against insurers.

“Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers has proven track record in helping members of the Arabic community in NSW seek appropriate compensation when injured in a motor vehicle or any other type of accident.

“I have worked with many in the community helping them secure the compensation that they deserve and assisting them in getting their lives back on track.

“I also bring my knowledge as an experienced advocate as well as the reputation of Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers to bear in all client matters, which really counts when dealing with insurers and their legal teams.

“It is that reputation built up over decades that delivers results.

“Our team can also work with clients in their own language, helping guide them through this complex area of the law in a familiar way.

“My message to the Arabic community in NSW is to act now if you or any of your family have been injured in a motor vehicle accident so that we can protect your rights”, said Ms. Indari.

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