‘Na just $300 follow me enta UAE’ – UAE first female delivery rider share her tori

”Wen I enta UAE, tins dey hard dat time, I get just $300 wit me wit no means of survival. Na so so indomie I dey chop, I dey always tank God wen I look back to where I dey come from.”

Dis na wetin 28-year-old Gift Preye Solomon tell BBC Pidgin as she share her tori on how she become di first female delivery rider for di United Arab Emirates.

She say she begin find job for Dubai for months and sometimes she no dey get transport fare to go interviews.

Gift say wen she finally see job, na phone operator job she see for di company wey she currently dey work wit.

“Eventually I get one job as phone operator for di same company. I dey answer phone, dey take order, dey tok to pipo. After sometime I get promotion to store trainer, dey train pipo wey come,” she tok.

How she become first female delivery rider
Gift tell BBC Pidgin say she get anoda promotion as supervisor after a year or two and her colleagues wey be delivery riders dey tell am how di work dey sweet dem.

She say she decide say she go join dose male colleagues to also dey ride delivery bikes sake of how di job dey sweet dem.

Gift say wen her company get townhall meeting wit staff, dem ask if anybodi go like become di first female delivery rider and she come raise her hand.

“I no know wetin enta my head, I just raise my hand up. So wen I kon raise my hand up, dem come ask me if I won do am, I say yes,” she tok.

She say wetin follow na di processing of her driver’s licence wey take am almost six months to get.

E dey weird for pipo to see female delivery rider
Gift say e dey weird for pipo to see female delivery rider for UAE and dem dey surprised wen dem see am ontop bike.

She say her mata begin waka around wen she begin ride delivery bike.

“Sometimes wen we dey traffic, dem go dey look me, dem go dey speak Indian or Pakistani language for me,” she tok.

Gift say she don stop delivery now sake of say dem don promote am to assistant manager for where she dey work but she say she go still ride delivery bike if she need to do am.

She say one of di challenges wey she face as delivery rider na language barrier.

Gift say she no fit read map and wen she try to tok to pipo wen she miss road, na wahala.

She say anoda challenge wey she face be say pipo dey feel say she get anoda job wey she dey do, say no be only delivery she dey do.

“Di fact say I be lady first of all, pipo go just feel say no be only delivery I dey do, say e no possible. Wit time, I kon dey dey used to am,” she tok.

Di 28-year-old lady tell BBC News Pidgin say she drop out of school before she enta UAE becos tins bin dey difficult for her family at some point.