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Louis Vuitton presents new collection to Arabic song

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton this week presented its menswear fall/winter 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week, with background music featuring the hit Arabic song “Basbousa,” by Lebanese artist Ahmad Music.

Fans quickly shared their excitement online. “Do you hear that? Rosalia is playing ‘Basbousa’ at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. This is why she is the GOAT,” said one.

The set, designed by the filmmakers Michel and Olivier Gondry, featured a series of domestic settings, including a teenage bedroom, a mid-century modern living room and a yellow car.

Models filed past clad in long jackets with crisp lapels, clutching shiny bags, and wearing curved bucket hats and baseball caps.

The label emphasized outwear with lengthened silhouettes, ranging from tailored coats to puffed-out bomber jackets, and with artwork and logos added to the mix.

Rosalia opened the event, emerging from a darkened set wearing a white puffer jacket and loose jogging pants.