Health And Wellness Disruption Gets Personal

With Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical the stakes continue to rise for the future of mass-market primary care. Traditional pharmacy leaders such as Walgreen’s and CVS are expanding virtual and in-person care while Amazon and Walmart leverage their footprints and subscription models—the frontline healthcare wars are heating up.

But if you only look at what big-box brands, providers and payers are building and acquiring, you’d be missing the wave of entrepreneurial ventures rebooting this multi-trillion-dollar market. From incubators like Matter to emerging growth companies like Viome, Betr Health, homethrive, Revieve and FemTec Health, the landscape is shifting toward more holistically personalized health, beauty and wellness alternatives.

Many of these ventures are flipping business models with new innovative solutions, and even before Web3 arrives, putting more power in the hands of the people. FemTec Health, for example, has a unique mission to become a data driven personalized health, beauty and wellness brand for women—and they are moving fast.