Egypt’s Covid-19 rates decreased in the past few days

Despite the fact, that there are certain tests that are supposed to be done to know the COVID-19 cases, the  Health Minister Stated that the infection rates in Egypt became 36 cases for each 1 million persons according to statistics, which is a small figure compared to the international infection rate that hit 335.5 for each 1 million persons.

Zayed further said that a total of 919 cases were moved from the quarantine hospitals to a number of university on housing campuses.

A total of 326 cases were released from on campus housings, she said. The Minister also cited the most common reasons behind death of Covid-19 cases to be linked to chronic diseases like: heart and blood vessels diseases by 13.2 percent, diabetes by 9.2 percent, rise in blood pressure by 8.4 percent, respiratory diseases by 8 percent and cancers by 7.6 percent.
She further said that the ministry has a strategy to increase the efficiency of chest and fever hospitals, including 79 ones.