Egypt to see severe weather fluctuations this weekend

Meteorologists anticipate sharp and rapid weather fluctuations during the weekend, as Egypt will be exposed to a polar depression and thunderstorms.

Temperatures will reach a low of 11C at night for the first time this time of the year on northern Upper Egypt.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority explained that this bout of unstable weather will begin on Thursday, with temperatures are expected to reach 23C over Cairo during daylight hours accompanied by heavy rain, hail in different regions in the northern parts of the country and very cold weather at night.

Weather forecast for Sunday
Hot autumn weather will prevail over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northwest coasts and the southern parts of the country.

The weather will be moderately cold during the night hours, and very cold in central Sinai and the highlands of South Sinai.

Temperatures are expected to reach 27C over Greater Cairo during daylight hours, and decrease during night hours to 17C. Temperatures on governorates of Lower Egypt and Alexandria will reach 27C during the day, and 18C at night.

Fog warning
It is expected that the mist will spread during the early hours of the morning, and will cause a decrease in visibility on roads.

Fogs are expected in central Sinai, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts.

Meteorologists advised civilians to be careful and drive slowly during daylight hours until eight in the morning due to the mists, leave safe distances between cars to prevent accidents and turn on car lights.

Meteorologists also warned of low temperatures during the night hours, and urged citizens to wear heavy clothes during the late hours of the night and early morning hours.


Mediterranean and Red Sea conditions
Waves in the Mediterranean Sea will be low to moderate ranging between one and 1.75 meters in height with northeastern to southeastern surface winds.

Waves in the Red Sea will be moderate ranging between 1.5 and two meters in height with northeastern to northwestern surface winds.