Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia faces long-term questions over political leadership

On the surface, the political transition in Saudi Arabia following the death of the much-revered King Abdullah has proceeded without a hitch. Salman, a half-brother of the former king, is the new ruler, while the recently named deputy, Crown Prince Muqrin, the youngest surviving son of Saudi Arabia’s founder, has moved up in line to the throne. But in Riyadh, as elsewhere, ...

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Salman to Obama: Don’t let Iran get nuclear bomb

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and U.S. President Barack Obama tackled a range of sensitive regional issues Tuesday during Obama’s one-day visit to Riyadh, as the Saudi monarch highlighted his country’s stance that Iran should not be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. The two leaders touched on the volatile situation in Saudi Arabia’s neighbor Yemen, where Shiite Houthi rebels have ...

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Saudi Arabia condemned the killing in North Carolina of three American Muslims as a terrorist act

Saudi Arabia on Sunday condemned the killing in North Carolina of three American Muslim college students as a “heinous terrorist” act, and called for an end to incitement against Muslims. The statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency also condemned as a “terrorist” act the recent attacks that killed two people in Denmark, one at a panel discussion that ...

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