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Australian Female Tourist Talks about Her Experience in Morocco

By Natasha Jackson Sydney- I recently returned from a 5 week trip to magical Morocco. Before departing and upon my return I had to reassure friends, family and strangers that Morocco is a safe country to visit. For many there is the misconception that Morocco is a dangerous destination. Unfortunately incidents like the recent tragedy in Tunisia only fuels this belief. ...

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A Moroccan convicted of terrorism was deported from the United Kingdom

Rabat, 22 May 2015 (MAP) – The Moroccan Minister of Interior contacted his British counterpart to express to him the discontent of the Moroccan authorities following the deportation of a Moroccan national convicted of terrorism in the UK, according to a Ministry’s statement released on Thursday. The Moroccan national, named Youness TSSOULI, who was deported on Wednesday 20th of this ...

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