Business council seeks robust Qatar-Ukraine ties in various sectors

As markets worldwide are gradually opening amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum (QUBF) is currently working on different proposals to strengthen trade and investments relations in sectors, such as energy and innovation, among others, an official said.
‘Despite the fact that the current situation had significantly altered many ambitious plans of different organisations, QUBF team continues to direct its efforts towards converting the lockdown into unlocking Qatar-Ukraine wider perspectives, QUBF founder and chairperson Dr Olga Revina told Gulf Times.
Revina also said: ‘QUBF, as a joint business council engaged in a fruitful collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Qatar, is focused on assisting Qatari businesses in pursuing Ukrainian market and investment opportunities, whilst attracting Ukrainian companies that can contribute to Qatar’s development needs.
‘Such clear vision by QUBF, coupled with a host of proactive partnerships with key organisations in both countries, has resulted in numerous successfully-realised projects.
According to Revina, the results of previous QUBF activities have played a significant role in supporting Ukrainian businesses during various business-to-business (B2B) events in Qatar by advising them on major regional guidelines in terms of doing business in the Qatari market. ‘Towards these ends, QUBF formed a portfolio of Ukrainian business proposals, which helps facilitate projects between Qatari and Ukrainian business communities in a wide range of commercial enterprises, such as food supply, energy, pharmaceutical products, construction industry materials, amber objects, IT security, education, jewellery, fashion, innovation and design, tourism, and recreation sectors, Revina explained.
By annually hosting Ukrainian delegates in Qatar, Revina said the QUBF team aims to assist them in establishing primary contacts with their Qatari counterparts, while similarly inviting and assisting Qatari businesses to explore commercial opportunities in Ukraine.
‘The start of 2020 was really promising for QUBF as we lent support to the Ukrainian Amber World Association for its introduction to Qatari market by participating in a variety of events and B2B meetings in Qatar, Revina noted.
She added: ‘This March was supposed to serve as a launch pad for increased economic exchange as QUBF aimed to organise a Ukrainian economic mission to Qatar, having agreed with a number of prominent organisations like Qatar Chamber and the Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) to host Ukrainian business delegates.
‘Additionally, the council also planned to conduct the first and biggest ever ‘Qatar-Ukraine Trade and Investment Forum’ in Doha, in collaboration with Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and other highly-reputed institutions, which is now postponed until October.