Australians set to suffer with soaring temperatures this weekend

By: Sahar Mourad

Parts of Australia will swelter with extreme temperatures as the mercury soars to 40C this weekend before summer officially begins.

Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales are expected to top 40C for at least three days.

The heatwave however will hit South Australia first on Friday as the hot air moves from Western Australia.

Temperatures will reach 40C on Friday before they plummet to the mid-20s on Sunday.

Sydney will sweat through high temperatures of 40C on Saturday. On Friday temperatures are set to reach a high of 27C.

Relief is in sight but on Monday when temperatures will drop to just 23C.

In Dubbo, Griffith and Broken Hill temperatures could reach 43 to 44C.

In Queensland, Moree is predicted to reach 40C or above for four days in a row from Sunday.

Brisbane will be cooler, hovering around 30C for the weekend and into the following next week.

Regional Victoria will also suffer through the wild temperatures with Melbourne given a break.

Australians are cautioned to keep aware of any fire danger alerts and respond appropriately.