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Australians roll down lawns of Parliament House to protest against fence


Hundreds of Australians have gathered to roll on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra, in protest against plans to build a security fence there.

Under new anti-terror measures, a 2.6-metre barrier could soon block public access to the much-loved grassy space.

The mass tumble took place on Saturday morning, after news of the event spread on Facebook.

Lester Yao, who organised it, said he felt the architect had wanted the public to enjoy the grounds freely.

While he had originally planned the roll as a gathering of family and friends, he was delighted when almost 3,000 people expressed interest in the unique protest via Facebook.

“It’s a story I hear often from people that live in Canberra or visit Canberra and the Parliament House. They walk up that beautiful green lawn and see the amazing view of Canberra, then they fall to their knees and roll down the hill.

“This simple fun action embodies a very simple yet powerful symbol of democracy. That the citizens can walk up and over their elected government.

“At least that’s what I believe the architect behind the design of the Parliament House intended.”