Argentina’s Economy Minister Abruptly Quits, Exposing Rifts in Government

Martin Guzmán had negotiated a deal to restructure $44 billion of the country’s debt. His departure threatens to destabilize an already shaken economy.

Argentina’s economy minister abruptly resigned on Saturday night, a move that threatens to further destabilize an economy already shaken by sky-high inflation, rising energy costs and growing fears over possible new defaults on debt.

The minister, Martin Guzmán, was the architect of the South American country’s recent deal with the International Monetary Fund to restructure $44 billion in debt.

Tensions within the government have boiled over how to handle the economic crisis. Mr. Guzmán, a relative moderate, clashed with the more militant wing of the ruling Peronist coalition, led by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She had publicly criticized the I.M.F. deal and called for more public spending and more government action to fight inflation.