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Arab League and UN warn of humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia

The Arab League and the United Nations stressed the importance of collective actions to counteract the humanitarian catastrophe that Somalia is experiencing as a result of drought.

Khalil Ibrahim Al-Thawadi, head of Arab Affairs and National Security of the pan-Arab organization, and Adam Abdel Mawla, United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, made a joint statement on the occasion of a meeting this Friday on the subject.

After the worst drought to hit Somalia in the last 40 years, millions of people face possible famine, they warned.

The crisis has affected 7.8 million Somalis, almost half the population of the country, a situation intensified by the continuing conflict and high food prices.

Both institutions warned that any failure to resolve the problem will have catastrophic consequences for peace and social security in the country and the region.

As they noted, 1.1 million people travel miles every day in search of food, water and livelihoods, including large numbers of thirsty mothers with babies on their backs.

In the next six months, 1.8 million Somali children under the age of five will suffer from malnutrition, if necessary measures are not taken to save them, they stressed.

As part of the strategy to deal with the problem, the Arab League and the UN will organize a high-level conference to draw attention to this disaster and mobilize support.