“El-Telegraph” is an Arabic newspaper in Sydney

“El-Telegraph” was founded in 1970 and it’s the most widespread Arab newspaper in Australia.

The newspaper is read by expatriates from 11 Arab countries residing in Australia, which is the newspaper approved by the Australian country to view the issues of the Arab community.

The newspaper was initially launched weekly and soon became published three days a week, but Today it publishes five days a week, to be the only daily newspaper outside the Arab world.

“El-Telegraph” covers Australian, Lebanese, Arab and international news with the gates of economy, culture, arts, sports and investigations, it has correspondents in all Australian states and a central office in the city of Melbourne.

It also has writers and correspondents in a number of capitals of the Middle East.

“El-Telegraph” is issued by the Middle East Media Corporation in Sydney, with its weekly Newspaper “AL-Anwar” and its monthly Magazine “Anoujoum”.