$600m project of luxury residential units in Oman

Saraya Bandar Jissah will be home to 398 exclusive residential units, spacious hilltop villas, stylish townhouses and luxury apartments — all with attractive waterfront and mountainside views. This is what a $600 million project looks like when the vision starts to become a reality. Nestled on the outskirts of Muscat on a secluded beach surrounded by the Al Hajar Mountains, it ...

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Majlis Al Shura has proposed the new law to protect Omani pharmacists and end the monopoly

To protect Omani pharmacists from foreign competition and to end the monopoly of unscrupulous traders, the Majlis Al Shura has proposed amendment to the law that allows people to practice pharmacy and start pharmacies, said a source from the legal committee of Majlis Al Shura. One of the amendments prohibits pharmaceutical companies, warehouses and medical equipment suppliers from refusing to ...

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Oman plans to make its first sovereign issue of Islamic bonds

Oman plans to make its first sovereign issue of Islamic bonds, a 200 million rial ($520 million) issue, by mid-2015 to help finance a budget deficit caused by the plunge of oil prices, the head of its central bank said on Sunday. “The issue will be through the central bank for the local market,” central bank executive president Hamood Sangour ...

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