About us

Operating since 1970, El-Telegraph newspaper has been “the pride of the fleet” with the largest circulating and longest running Arabic newspaper publication in Australia. Catering to nineteen different Australian Arabic communities , the El-Telegraph is published daily and enjoys a dedicated market share of more than 80 % of readership, with access to a total market size of in excess of one million people. We’re covering international news, local news and community issues that relate to you.

We’re also featuring stories that paint a picture of Australians of Arabic background through extensive interviews of prominent figures in our community.

Australians of Middle Eastern origin, especially new settlers, rely on the El-Telegraph for their domestic and homeland news and information pertinent to their daily life translated into their native language. The Arabic speaking community, totalling approximately 500,000 people, ranks among the top five non English speaking communities in Australia(Census 2011). It is important to note that the average readership is four to one, i.e. on average every four people read one newspaper.